Congratulations, Students and Parents, you made it!

Congratulations, Students and Parents, you made it! Your Senior year of high school is a major milestone in your life, and we are looking forward to capturing this memory for you.

Line Drive Photography is beyond excited to be partnered with your school as the official Class of 2025 photographer. Starting June 4th, we will begin having studio sessions for your Tux and Drape portrait. There is no fee for the session and we want you to be included in your yearbook so make sure you get scheduled.

To Schedule your tux/drape portrait session, please visit and click on the RED button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. This will take you into our scheduler where you can choose the date and time that works for your schedule. Once you have scheduled your session, you will receive an email confirmation. From there, if you need to reschedule your session, you can do so through that email. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you show up to your scheduled time because we do charge a $25 NO SHOW FEE.

We are photographing over 2,000 seniors this season, all of which will be done over the summer. It is VERY IMPORTANT to schedule NOW. Please DO NOT wait until August to start thinking about this session. Once school starts, our time becomes very limited as we start Fall sports photos. SCHEDULE TODAY.

Our Location

Our studio is located at the Mellwood Arts Center, 1860 Mellwood Ave Ste 234, Louisville KY 40206. Take your GPS to the Mellwood Art Center. Turn onto the street called Delmont. Park in the parking lot on the right. Walk across Delmont into the Mellwood Art Center courtyard. Continue walking straight. Pass the very colorful lion mural on the left side. Come inside the next set of double doors on the left, labeled A. Turn immediately left and take the elevator up to the 2nd floor. Exit the elevator and turn right. Go out the door onto the balcony. Continue walking straight until you see a large opening on the left. Go in that opening and we are the studio on the right side.


Do I need to rent a tuxedo for my session?

No. LDP provides the tux jacket, white tux shirt, and bow tie. Please wear a clean, white, no logo, t-shirt to the session.

Do I need to bring a drape to my session?

No. LDP will provide the appropriate color drape for your school, along with a pearl necklace that you can wear if you choose to. Please wear a strapless bra, with a spaghetti strap top. The drape will sit below your shoulders so if you wear a top with straps, the straps will need to easily slide down your shoulders. It’s best to wear something strapless.

Do I need to wear makeup?

We suggest coming in looking your absolute best. Makeup will add color to your skin, so we suggest wearing it.

What about my eyelashes? Can I wear eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are fine as long as they are not too long. We’ve had some ladies come in with the super long, thick ones and it creates a shadow and makes you look like you have racoon eyes. We don’t want that! We need to be able to see your eyes with the eyelashes, so please make sure they are not too long.

I don’t like my portrait. Can I get a retake?

You can absolutely get a retake, but we do charge a $25 retake fee. If you don’t like your hair, makeup, or you didn’t get a haircut or shave like your mom told you to, you will need to pay the $25 fee.

Do parents need to come to the session with their Senior?

That is totally up to you. Parents are more than welcome to attend the session.

I can’t find your studio. Where is it?

Please check your confirmation email for written directions to our studio. It is located at 1860 Mellwood Ave Ste 234 Louisville KY 40206

How do I view/order my senior portraits?

We will send you an email and a text with a link to your gallery. You will be able to view all portraits taken at your session and they will be appropriately cropped and ready to order.

Do I get to choose my own yearbook portrait?

Yes! We will send you an email with a link to your gallery. There is a button within your link that says CHOOSE YEARBOOK. Click that button and then select the image you want us to use in the yearbook. That’s it! Once you choose it, we have it on our end and you don’t need to do anything else. We will send all images to your school in time for the yearbook deadline.

Can I order prints of my portrait?

Yes! We offer a wide variety of print sizes, packages, and a la carte options. Order as many or as few as you want. Retouching is available for a small fee. You can choose which portrait that you want retouched.

Do I need to pick up my portrait order from your studio?

No! All orders are shipped directly to the address you provide at checkout.

Do you offer digital downloads?

Yes we do. If you choose retouching on digital downloads, the retouched image will be emailed to you within 24 hours after purchase. Please check your junk/spam folder for the email because it could be delivered there instead of to your inbox. Please download the image immediately and keep it in several places so you can access it easily. The download link will expire in 30 days, so make sure you download it immediately!

I can’t find my digital download. What do I need to do?

No worries, simply email and we will send you a new link to download your file(s).

Tips for a Successful Senior Portrait

Please arrive 5-10 min before your scheduled appointment time. If you are more than 10 minutes late, and we have a full schedule that day, you may need to reschedule.


Please wear a white t-shirt with NO LOGOS on the front. You can wear shorts and tennis shoes.

Get your hair cut 1-2 weeks prior to your photo session so it has a little time to grow back before your session.

SHAVE! We do not photoshop out facial hair!

Comb your hair before you show up. Please don’t just roll out of bed, throw on clothes, and come get your picture taken. This happens all the time! Please don’t be that guy! We want you to look your absolute BEST!


Please wear a strapless bra with a spaghetti strap top over it or a tank top. Whatever straps are on your top will need to easily slide down your shoulders for the photo. The drape will sit below your shoulders. If you wear a bra with straps, the straps tend to leave red marks on your shoulders that are not easily photoshopped out. It’s best to go strapless!

If you’ve been tanning before your session, keep in mind your bathing suit straps. It’s best to wear a strapless bathing suit so that you do not have white lines from the bathing suit on your shoulders. This is also not easily photoshopped out!

It is not a good idea to try a brand-new hair style the day of your session. Most likely, you will not be happy with the portrait. Try out new hairstyles prior to the day of your session so you know exactly how you want your hair to look. If you wear your hair straight, then wear it straight to the session. Don’t decide the day of that you’re going to go with curly hair. I promise you, you will not be happy with your portrait!